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First job interview…

Since leaving the Marine Corps, I went to my first job interview today.  It was one a good experience.  I didn’t feel fully prepared, but I got out answers to the questions, I thought, professionally and thoroughly. Strangely enough, at target, like in business professional companies, they require 2 interviews, one with the human resources […]

Pushing out of the “BUBBLE”!

When your used to things for so long, it’s a weird experience to move away from “normal” and into unknown territory. And for this Marine Corp Veteran, that wierd experience just so happened to be going down to the local Super Wal-Mart and shopping for food and clothes. I’ve been in the “Bubble” for over […]

I beg you, Please don’t forget!

So after reading the previous blogs I wrote about all the bad times in the Marine Corps (and unfortunatelly, there were MORE bad than good) :-(, I am faced with the realization that I have to tell you why I even joined the military to begin with. I joined because I was a patriot.  Because […]

A few bad experiences in the Marine Corps…

***Upate — Be advised. I wrote this part of my blog immediately after leaving the military. My last few months were terrible, I needed to blow off steam, I no longer feel this way. But i’m leaving this post up because it was how I genuinely felt at the time. So…I don’t regret writing it […]

A post from my Myspace Blog (Why i’m glad to be out of the Marine Corps).

I wanted to share this with my readers because it meant a lot to me then and it does now.  I poured my heart and soul into the few small paragraph’s I wrote, and sadly, I meant every word.  It might give a very small incite into why I am proud of what I have […]

Last day in the Marine Corp!

It’s 9:46 PM here in Twentynine Palms, CA and i’m waiting for 2 hours and 14 minutes, when my terminal leave starts, and I am officially detached from my unit and the Marine Corps. It’s been a long road for me, too long. I hated almost all of it. And now that i’m at the […]

Why we sometimes can’t let go?

Since purchasing my first car in March 2009, a Silver 2005 Ford Focus, I have made it a priority to travel all over southern California.  And put it to good use I have. When I first purchased the vehicle, it had 51,000 (approx.) mile on it.  Now in late June, 2009, traveling solely in Southern […]