A post from my Myspace Blog (Why i’m glad to be out of the Marine Corps).

I wanted to share this with my readers because it meant a lot to me then and it does now.  I poured my heart and soul into the few small paragraph’s I wrote, and sadly, I meant every word.  It might give a very small incite into why I am proud of what I have done for my country, but rejected the title Marine.

So you finally arrive in the Fleet Marine Corp.  You’ve worked SO HARD to get here, you’ve suffered 3 horrible month’s at MCRD, you’ve hiked your guts out at Marine Combat Training, you’ve gone to the most depressing place in the world, Marine Battery, Fort Sill Oklahoma, and had it so severe that you stayed up to the middle of the night to cry alone in the Barracks Gym (if that’s what you call a gym), and now your here.  In the Fleet Marine Corp, at your permanent duty station, all your schooling and training complete!  Your expecting so much, you’ve earned the Title of “The Few and the Proud”.  You are a Marine!  And how horrible is that?

On Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 we worked our A***S off on the Gunline, cleaning Hot metal gear in the ‘California Heat Wave that’s killed over a hundred people already, baking in the sun.  Of course, while all E-3’s and below work, the NCO’s (Corporals and Sergeants) relax in the shade, talking, laughing, having a great time.  Why?  Because they can, and they will.  It was a VERY long day, and we worked through chow with 45 minutes to eat (of course we gotta walk to the Chow Hall, which round trip takes about 20 minutes).  A few Marines decide to become late returning so they could relief the ‘second stick’ to go to chow.  Of course the NCO’s couldn’t just punish those Marines and be on their Merry, Happy way.  Nope, they decide to punish EVERYBODY!  Right after we were released to liberty, they brought everyone back to bootcamp.  We Marched everywhere, ate a modified dinner with the NCO’s (they told us what we could and couldn’t eat) and when they were finished, WE were finished.  From there, we marched back to the Barracks and scrubed all the stairways…at constant yelling and sounding off and running eveywhere we went.  It was just like bootcamp.  One Sergeant even mentioned me as a Recruit!  After working so hard to earn the freakin’ title of Marine, they proved that that’s all it was, a title…  Thanks Mike Battery NCO’s…After spending almost all our liberty working, were finally done, and the Sergeants have a sit-down with us, and try and make it all better, by saying “why we demoted you to recruits (I thought I graduated a Marine at bootcamp…what ever happened to “The Change is Forever” and “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”?) and punished everybody with the stupid acts of just 1 or 2.  Some really brainwashed Marines accepted it as ok too, but not me, Understand, NOT ME!

What happened to the Marines don’t Lie, Cheat and Steal…well…that was gone right around when I had my 15th DVD that I lent out stolen since I’ve been in the Marine Corps…

The Marine Corps has one of the largest divorce rates of any organization.  Truelly, if your married and live out in town, you don’t have to deal with the extreme hassle in the barracks such as stupid field days, getting chosen to do stupid stuff, etc.  I firmly believe that a lot of people marry not out of pure and true love but the combinations of more money and getting out of the BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) is a great incentive).  Hell yeah, to be treated like a normal human being on your off time, i’ll take it.

It was somewhere in Fort Sill, severely depressed and crying in the middle of the night that it hit me…THIS IS HORRIBLE, what Have I done?!!  When your ALL ALONE, trying so hard to live a morally and ethical life as an LDS amidst people who call themselves Christians, but act worse then Satan himself, it really gets to you after awhile, bit by bit, daily life, all alone, you start to get chipped away at, even the most titanium alloyed bodied person, you only have so much you can take.  It’s a really unprofessional organization in that manner…

Indeed, the E-4’s and E-5’s who are my leaders above me are not our mentors but our tormentors.  In any other organization or movie, you’ll see the junior, boot, or rookie individuals look up to and idolize the seniors.  But this isn’t no Hollywood.  It’s the God Blessed Marine Corps.

And heaven forbid you go to medical for anything other then a broken bone or dieing, and definatelly not depression, or you face ridicule from your fellow Marines and even the NCO’s and Staff NCO’s in charge of you, in front of Everyone.

It’s pretty sad when every Marine I talk to around the barracks who owns a Myspace has put up a countdown timer on their EAS (when they’re out).  Does that say something.

Owell,I’ll live right?….oh…hold on, I can’t even say that…when’s my next deployment to Iraq…March, ok.

The Facts are, we Need a Marine Corp and we Need new Marines to continue defending America, and someone has to do it, and I’m glad that I could be here instead of someone else…but I do feel sorry for the next generation that has to suffer as I have.  That is why I will do my 4 years, and never again volunteer myself…

Like all bad things in this world, the Marine Corp will burn in the bottom dark pit of hell for all eternity, and i’ll be crying for shear joy when it does…


6 comments on “A post from my Myspace Blog (Why i’m glad to be out of the Marine Corps).

  1. I hate the USMC too. I made a website expressing my hate.


    -EX Marine.

  2. You are exactly right about everything, I have lived the Marine Corps BS for over 12 years!!!

  3. Are you talking about Mike battery 3/11? I’ve been in “Mayhem” for almost 3 1/2 years now. I am a corporal, and as much as I try to change the way we do things they are exactly the same as you just described them. Currently I am on standby for a formation so we can receive a mass punishment ass chewing. I would be EASing in August, but I signed a damn 5 year contract! I just want you to know that not all NCOs have that same mentality, some of us are still human.

    • That’s affirm. Mike Battery, 3/11. The people that scoff at the truth are merely a little too brainwashed. When you do get out, give it some time, you won’t hate the Corps, in fact you’ll be proud of your time there and build camaraderie with your fellow Marines in the civilian world, even attending reunions. The Corps is what it is, and that is all there is to it.

  4. It is such a relief that I’m not the only one that sees this is all BS. I can especially sympathize about the LDS part to, it’s not easy. I do thank God though I’m an arty mech and trained at Fort Lee instead of Fort Sill, I’ve heard it’s beyond terrible.

    • A good friend of mine who was an Arty Mech in my unit is just about to graduate the San Diego County Sheriff’s Academy. Hang in there, and be grateful you are in Headquarters Platoon instead of Guns Platoon, lol. (right?)

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