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I beg you, Please don’t forget!

So after reading the previous blogs I wrote about all the bad times in the Marine Corps (and unfortunatelly, there were MORE bad than good) :-(, I am faced with the realization that I have to tell you why I even joined the military to begin with.

I joined because I was a patriot.  Because I didn’t do well in High School, and I didn’t see any way out of my families financial circumstances.  I joined because I was a Naive little teenager who believed EVERYTHING the recruiter told me and  because I wanted to make a difference and big back to a country that gave me so much.  Most importantly of all, I did it because of all those who gave their lives, willing or not, to the cause of freedom and died recklessly in terrorism.  These are numbers, but each number means a mother, a father, a child, a brother, a GOD GIVEN LIFE!

Thousands upon thousands of people have lost their lives to the evil’s and horror of terrorism, to just name a very select few…

1972-THE MUNICH MASSACRE=12 Isreali Athletes

1976-CUBANA FLIGHT 455=73 dead

1988-PAN AMERICAN FLIGHT 103=270 dead

1993-WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING=6 dead, 1,042 injured

1995-SARIN GAS ATTACKS, TOKYO=12 dead, 50 severely injured

1995-Oklahoma City Bombing-168 dead, 800+ injured

1999-Russian Apartment Bombings-300 dead

2001-September 11th Attacks-2974 dead

2004-Madrid Train Bombings-191 dead, 1050 injured

2004-Beslan School Hostage Crisis-355 Dead

Present-THE WAR ON TERROR-Unkown (Bush Administration Estimates: Between 500,000 and 1 Million dead since the September 11th attacks.

Wherever you are, whatever your doing, enjoying your life everyday, I don’t care if your for or against the war on terror…but…please don’t let these statistics be just numbers…to you…of all the wives, children, and husbands each one of them could have been…we will never forget them, ever…

Dedicated to those who have lost their lives to terrorism

*Statistics should not include terrorist death’s, evidentelly I took them out, because a piece of crap does not count as a human being…

Photo of the last victim of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  The baby did not survive.


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