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Pushing out of the “BUBBLE”!

When your used to things for so long, it’s a weird experience to move away from “normal” and into unknown territory. And for this Marine Corp Veteran, that wierd experience just so happened to be going down to the local Super Wal-Mart and shopping for food and clothes.

I’ve been in the “Bubble” for over 22 years. The “Bubble” is just a way of saying I had everything I need in protective and secure surroundings. Whether it was my Mom, my dad, my grandparents or the government (Military). I always had everything I needed.


I had job security in the military or no need for a job as a kid. There was always dinner waiting for me at the chow hall or on the table at home. All I had to do was show up and eat. The bills were always paid for by the United States government while I was staying in the military barracks or my parents flipped the bill. These are just a few examples.

So now that i’m cut loose from the military, I should feel an intense amount of freedom. But what I really feel right now is restricted and scared of the unknown. Is there going to be enough money to eat, will I find friends who like me for exactly who I am, will I find a love interest down the road, what will I do between those 7 days where I switching apartments and have to move out and move in between a gap? (August 15th – 22nd). What about school work? I’m horrible at math, and that’s an understatement. What if I just don’t get it. There ain’t no tutor to turn to that I know of yet. What about that job interview at Super Target on Monday (June 29th). What if I don’t get the job? How will I fund cost of living then? I won’t! I have to get that job…or I have to face the fact that college isn’t possible!?

It’s completely natural though!

Fact is, if millions upon millions of kids right out of high school can go to college, live on their own, and burn top ramen in a microwave…then I CAN TOO!


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