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First job interview…

Since leaving the Marine Corps, I went to my first job interview today.  It was one a good experience.  I didn’t feel fully prepared, but I got out answers to the questions, I thought, professionally and thoroughly.

Strangely enough, at target, like in business professional companies, they require 2 interviews, one with the human resources manager and then one with the store manager himself.  I was invited to the second interview tomorrow at 3:30 PM.

One of the hardest things I struggled with today before the interview was what to wear.  Target isn’t like interviewing for a major stock trader on Wall Street, but it’s not a small time thing either.  I went online to look for answers at what other people wore, and that really messed me up.  Some said jeans and a button up shirt, some said a dress shirt with slacks and nice shoes, others said a full suite.

So in the end, with an hour until the interview, I called my former Law Enforcement instructor Mr. Gettings and asked for his advice.  He said simply a dress shirt with a “power tie”, and slacks and dress shoes in a conservative color (black).

A power tie, evidently, is a mutli-colored tie, rather than the usual black or gray.  I guess it helps keep you in the mind of the interviewer during and after the process.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a power tie, but a black one.

The questions were pretty simple.  I was nowhere near as scared as I thought other’s might be.  I felt confident.  Interesting enough, the one thing that made my feel so confident was the fact that I felt a “little” overqualified for the position they were giving.

I felt most people who I  saw working in the store where college students, just out of high school or people a little bit older unable to find a job elsewhere.

Some of the questions were the usual such as “why should we hire you” or “tell me of an experience where you lacked the skills to do certain job.  We also struck some common ground when he mentioned his cousin was serving in Camp Fallujah, Iraq, the same place I served.

So that about ends the day.  I came back to my room, and took a nice, much needed nap.  I hope, as great as they are, not to take too many, because they throw my night sleeping schedule out of wack, as bad as it is already.


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