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I’m Number Two!

Well i’m #2 on a wait-list to attend the Utah Peace Officers Standards and Training Academy at Utah Valley University (police academy). It’s kinda annoying being on a wait-list. There’s probably a 50/50% chance i’ll get in. Being number 2 isn’t bad, but considering there is only 38 spots, there isn’t too great of a […]

The POST Written Test.

Before you can even start to train to become a police officer in most states, you are required to take a written test.  The contents of that test vary from state to state, but today, I took the UTAH POST test. The test has 4 sections and requires a 70% in each section to pass.  […]

Gold’s Gym

I walked across the parking lot of my apartment to the Gold’s Gym on the corner (it’s practically right out my door) and decided to sign up for the Gym.  I pretty much walked in with the mindset to sign up, although I wasn’t completely 100% happy after I did. While it’s a really nice […]

So…I want to offer you a job…

After 2 interviews with both of Super Target’s human resources managers in Orem, UT, I got offered a job, but it was more than I had expected. Instead of pushing shopping carts, or stocking mac n’ cheese, I got offered a job as a Loss Prevention Officer.  Some would call this position a “security guard”, […]