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Gold’s Gym


I walked across the parking lot of my apartment to the Gold’s Gym on the corner (it’s practically right out my door) and decided to sign up for the Gym.  I pretty much walked in with the mindset to sign up, although I wasn’t completely 100% happy after I did.

While it’s a really nice gym with many locations all over the US, including several in UTAH (the HQ office with the largest gym in Utah is in the next city over, with a pool, spa, etc, etc, etc).  But I was a little annoyed that I had to sign a 2 year contract just for                                    membership.  imggym weightsSince I just got out of the military a week ao, I am NO FAN OF CONTRACTS (and you wouldn’t be either if you knew what I meant).  But being the dedicated future cop I am and the need to get in shape (I want to go on dates after all), I just read all the contract, signed my name, and now, Gold’s Gym “conveniently” deducts 27

bucks from my checking account every month.  How nice of them.  It’s practically a cell phone contract, including a cancellation fee. Plus being paraded around the gym, showing off, like I was buying a new car was a little annoying too.  And they did the trick where they found out I was a Marine and pretended to offer me a good deal, even though they do that same “deal” for everyone.

But whatever, the gym is close, it’s got convenient hours and locations, and it may be the best 27 bucks a month I spent after I excel in the Police Academy this Fall.



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