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So…I want to offer you a job…

After 2 interviews with both of Super Target’s human resources managers in Orem, UT, I got offered a job, but it was more than I had expected.

Instead of pushing shopping carts, or stocking mac n’ cheese, I got offered a job as a Loss Prevention Officer.  Some would call this position a “security guard”, but at target, your not an employee, your a team member, lol.  This was mainly due to my extenseive military and law enforcement background and training.


Obviously, i’m pretty happy about the whole outcome and it was more then I expected.  Like any organization that doesn’t destroy my trust or lie to me after I become a part of it (*cough, Marine Corps!), I become a loyal fan.  So Target is A-Ok in my books, and I think this will do nicely for my continued journey to that of becoming a law enforcement officer.  I think my resume is pretty well stacked with military, police training, and working with cops in the field.  Now a full time job as a security guard has got to be the icing on the cake, to finish it off.  The polish on the boot, the upgrade to 1st class on the airline, the Harvard of bachelors.

Okay, maybe it’s not that great, but let’s recap anyways.

1. No criminal record, not even a speeding ticket.

2. Law Enforcement Regional Occupation Program which also correlates with the training at  San Bernardino Community College and several awards, including the instructors most inspirational, 1st place academic award in the class, and the perfect attendance award.

3. Over 400 hours volunteer experience working with deputy sheriff’s of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, including the explorer academy with 80 hours of law enforcement instruction.

4. Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps including 2 deployments, 1 to Okinawa, Japan and the other to Al Anbar Province, Camp Fallujah, Iraq, including a government secret clearence.

5 . (future) Bachelors in Psychology from Brigham Young University.

6. Security Guard at Target.

7. (future) Completed Utah Police Officers Standards and Training

8. (future) Reserve Police Officer with the Provo or Orem Police Departments.

The Ultimate goal is to get that well paying Law Enforcement job with a California Department, probably the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  But you know how goals change over time…

I think the path is laid out in gold.  And I think i’ve prepared myself for a future career in law enforcement.  But i’ve got a lot to work on.  I’m out of shape as of now, i’ve got the memory of an 80 year old (correctible hopefully), and the Marine Corps, interesting enough, shatttered my confidence.  So i’ll have to build it up.

But that’s what 4 years of living on my own in Provo and going to school is for.  And that’s what is now possible now that I have a full time (which i’ll move to part time as school starts) at target as a secur- I mean Loss Prevention Officer.



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