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The POST Written Test.

Before you can even start to train to become a police officer in most states, you are required to take a written test.  The contents of that test vary from state to state, but today, I took the UTAH POST test.

The test has 4 sections and requires a 70% in each section to pass.  They start you off with the horrors of Math word problems, and fortunately for me, it was only basic Arithmatic. It was 20 problems in 20 minutes.

The next section involved reading a sentence with blank spots and finding the best word that would fit and compliment that sentence.  It was 20 sentences in 15 minutes.  Piece of cake and I finished 5 minute early.  I should get 90 – 100% on this one.

The section following was mainly about reading a sentence and trying to find the incorrect word in the sentence.  Again, 20 sentences in 15 minutes.  And this time, I finished with about 5-7 minutes to spare.  Again, easy and I should get 90 – 100% on this no problem.

The last part involved reading a mock police report and then reading questions about it on the right.  Only this time, you had to hand write your answers so they could see your writing for neatness, spelling, grammer and punctuation.  I felt like I did very well in this section too, except I’m a pretty sloppy handwriter.
The hardest part of the test was the time limit.  Having only 1 minute per arithmatic problem to read out, figure out how to work out and find the answer, often needed in two parts was hard for me and I ended up with 3 problems not solved at the end of the time limit.  Luckily enough, I think I did very well on the rest of the problems I solved, enough to give me between a 70 – 85%.

I have to wait 2 weeks for my test results to come in the mail and I add them to the POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training) Application I have to fill out.  My only sweat is the math part, but if I did decent enough on there to get a 70%, then everything else will be an A+.

I’ll keep you posted…


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