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I’m Number Two!

Well i’m #2 on a wait-list to attend the Utah Peace Officers Standards and Training Academy at Utah Valley University (police academy).

It’s kinda annoying being on a wait-list. There’s probably a 50/50% chance i’ll get in. Being number 2 isn’t bad, but considering there is only 38 spots, there isn’t too great of a chance there is going to be an opening. The Academy starts on September 8th.

The biggest problem with this entire scenario is my GI BIll and government grants to attend school. Without the Police Academy, I will be short a full time student and either lose a lot of money or owe money back to the government.

It’s sorta complicated…but basically if i’m going to get into the Academy, it’s going to be at a last minute basis. Basically they are going to tell me the day after it starts, particularly if somebody doesn’t show up. Now that’s fine and all, but not when it comes to receiving financing aid or the GI BIll.

If I cut the Police Academy out out of the loop and fill it with other classes, i’ll be assured I can use all my financial aid and the GI Bill and I won’t have to owe anything or there won’t be a delay in money being sent to me for switching things at the last minute. (The GI Bill and the university both have different policies on how you can be refunded for dropping a class, and let’s just say it’s not in harmony with each other). But that’s the problem, cutting the Police Academy means it’s cut and i’ll have to wait until June to go for it again.

Further more, because or great government is so backlogged with GI Bill is so backed up, it’s really still in the air regarding policy and payments, etc.

But if I keep the Police Academy on my schedule, without a guarantee of getting in, since school starts on August 26th and the Academy starts on September 8th, there’s a good chance that when i’m told at the last minute that I can’t attend, I will not be able to drop the police academy because it’s so late since school started ( a week is about the policy, even though it’s still a little in the air because of the new and backlogged GI bill an the University is trying to set their policy to the GI BIll as well and waiting). And if I drop a class after i’m allowed to, I still have to pay the class or academy, which in total for block 1/2 would be $1,500.00.

To add to the joyous occasion in my young life, I am looking at attending the Police Academy at another community college about 30 miles down the interstate that probably would have more openings. But that’s the problem. It’s at another university, meaning I would have to really work and crunch my numbers as far as figuring out where I could and should use my GI BIll, Financial Aid, and precious time (work, school, studying, church, and free time).

Further more, since the Academy at the community college is not worth college credit, only certification as a Law Enforcement officer in the state of Utah, I can’t use a good portion of my GI Bill and none of my financial aid, since it’s not worth university credit.

All in all, i’d have to ask myself as well. If my eventual career goals are to become a Police/Sheriff’s Deputy with an agency in Southern California, and California POST does not accept Utah POST 9in the first place (meaning i’d have to do the academy all over again in CA), why would I even bother wasting the time?

Well let’s just say it’s my own special “Internship”. Every university has their students do internships. Since most college grads usually don’t drag themselves to do the dangers and hard work of being a Police Officer, there really isn’t an internship for me directly related to being a Police Officer. So, I get POST certified in Utah, and while going to college get hired as a Reserve Police Officer and work part time whenever gaining valuable experience and training and good contacts for down the road.

You know what they say. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

And lastly, to sum it up, once your in the “club”, your are in the CLUB!


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