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A few years later, a change in course.

I’ve decided to continue this blog again.  As well as buy a domain for it and change up the design because a Buttload (yes, that is a real unit of measurement) has happened between my 9 months in Utah and today.  I’ll keep it short.
-I’m no longer an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I never asked for them to cut me out of the membership ranks, but I made it clear I did not wish to continue attending church or participating in LDS activities any longer.  Why?  One very, very simple reason.  I simply do not believe it.  I’ve always, and still, consider myself Christian.  But I can’t accept Joseph Smith’s testimony of Christianity.  That said, I still follow a lot of Mormon values.  A great way to lead your life.
-I’m back in California where I was born and raised.  Returned to California in 2010.
-I attended school part time at Fullerton College in Fullerton California.  As of this writing I am ONE class away from an Associates.  An intermediate math class.
-I’ve been working part time, but now work FULL TIME for the County of San Bernardino.
-I am working on obtaining a job with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Have completed all steps in the hiring process, including background and Polygraph.  I need to complete a Physical Fitness test and a medical screening (including Psych) and will likely receive an academy date after that.


Yep.  That is now going to be the focus of this blog.  My trek, and believe me, it likely will be an uphill climb and maybe take years, to become a University of Southern California Student.

It’s going to be an uphill climb.  Working part time and going to school part time, I averaged all kinds of grades.  From An A+ in coursework like Police Report Writing and Intro to Law Enforcement to a D in Algebra.  How in the blazes am I going to compete for a school with a current 19% acceptance rate?

That’s part of the Adventure.  The Quest for USC.

(formerly: The Adventures of a Provo, UT College Student)

P.S.: RUDY doesn’t have anything on me.  I’m going to get my own “Rudy Movie”…



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